Product Care

Caring for your lilyxandra. purchase:

Our bags are made from a range of animal friendly materials. Most bags being made from vegan leather (or Polyurethane - PU for short). 

We recommend treating your item with love and care. This generally means not overloading it, leaving it on the ground, leaving it susceptible to spilt drinks and food... or generally treating it like it's indestructible (unfortunately it's not!) 

General wear and tear occurs on all bags - things like scratches and marks on hardware and surface material are normal when a bag is being used regularly.  

In order to care for your items we suggest the following - 

On the inside:

  • We recommend storing your makeup in a separate make-up bag or pouch so that it’s not floating around freely in your handbag (hello stains!).
  • Ensure all pens have caps to prevent any unwanted scribbles on your perfectly lined handbag.
  • Regularly clean out any rubbish or unnecessary items from your bag to avoid build-up of dirt and clutter.
  • If you do happen to have any unsightly marks on the inside of your piece, a damp cloth or makeup wipe should help to clean up any messes.

On the outside:

Clean PU by:
  1. Using a damp cloth/makeup wipe to spot clean any marks first and foremost.
  2. IF that fails... see the following recommendations ---
    • (1) Mix water with some mild dish soap or laundry detergent. Avoid using any harsh solutions as these can cause the bag to become dry. (2) Dip a soft microfiber cloth into the solution. We recommend staying away from any rough or harsh cloths that may scratch or damage the bag. OR (3) Gently wash the stain away with your hands. (4) If the stain is a little bit more stubborn, try mixing water with vinegar* instead. *Vinegar is completely safe to use on synthetic leather and also has the added bonus of naturally ridding any odours from the bag.
  3. Allow your handbag to air dry completely before storing away or wearing.

*NOTE* some of our bags are made from cottons and other poly fabrics that may require different care to that of the steps above to care for PU. Please always patch test first and only use a damp wipe to clean any marks on fabric areas to avoid staining and discolouration.

    Storing your bag:

    • We suggest to get the maximum wear out of your piece when not in use to keep it stored in our lilyxandra. dustbag out of the sun and in a cool dry place. 
    • To best maintain the shape of the bag, store it flat on a shelf and use paper or fabric to pack the inside so that it doesn’t start to sag.
    • Hanging your bag should be avoided to prevent any unnecessary weight on the handles and hardware to prevent sagging.

    Other tips:

    • When attaching straps, take care! If attached incorrectly the lever end of the clasp can scratch your bag. 
    • Our bags are not indestructible, nor will they like being overloaded. (i.e. filling it to the brim and distorting the bag & having undue pressure applied to the strap connection areas (too heavy!)).  
    • The key to product longevity is rotating your pieces - by not wearing the same item every day, it will have a longer life. 

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